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About Us

From Vinson Paints Private Limited

Fastest growing paints manufacturing company in india

Welcome to Vinson Paints - Your Trusted Partner for Premium Paints and Coatings At Vinson Paints, we take immense pride in being a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality paints and coatings for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. With a relentless commitment to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction, we have emerged as a reputable name in the paint industry. No fake products and services. The customer is king, their lives and needs are the inspiration.

  • Quality-focused Manufacturing
  • Innovation-driven Approach to Paints and Coatings
  • Environmentally Friendly Formulations
  • Industry-Leading Standards and Certifications
  • Customer-Centric Services and Support
  • Experienced and Passionate Team Members
  • Commitment to Community and Sustainability
  • Recognitions and Awards within the Paint Industry

Our History

Established on June 7, 2001, Vinson Paints Private Limited (VPPL) embarked on a journey rooted in dedication and a vision for excellence. From its inception in Bhiwani, Haryana, India, our company has steadily evolved, shaping the landscape of the paint industry. Driven by a commitment to innovation and quality, VPPL has consistently delivered premium paints and coatings for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Over the years, our relentless pursuit of perfection has earned us the trust of our customers and positioned us as a leader in the field.

Our Mission

At Vinson Paints Private Limited, our mission is to redefine the canvas of possibility in the paint industry. We aim to consistently innovate and create superior-quality paints and coatings that not only enhance spaces but also exceed the expectations of our customers.

We strive to be more than a mere supplier; we aspire to be a trusted partner, offering expertise, reliability, and exceptional service. Our mission is to paint a vibrant, sustainable future, one stroke of ingenuity at a time. We stand resolute in our pursuit of excellence, unwavering in our commitment to quality, and dedicated to making a lasting difference in the world of paints and coatings."

Business Model

The Vinson brand's growth and success are attributed to its affordable quality. Customers who buy commercial and domestic paint across the nation have praised Vinson Paints for its high-quality paint products. This has inspired us to increase the number of paint products we provide. Along with being easily affordable for most customers, our products also benefit from a robust distribution network that makes them widely accessible in all geographical areas.


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Expert Members


Brand Awareness

Vinson Paints fully understands the importance of brand awareness and has a well-defined policy on leveraging different media platforms to disseminate information about its products and services. Vinson"s Central and Regional management network oversees need based information generation through advertisements and similar promotional campaigns. The mediums used for media promotions include all the conventional and unconventional mediums available today.